Martes, Hulyo 10, 2012

Allow yourself the luxury of deep Tantric relaxation....with a genuine Tantric practitioner...

Your sacred space is prepared for you to explore your body and your senses, this will give you the ultimate experience in relaxation and WILL eliminate your stress into oblivion!

Authentic Tantra is all about surrendering and receiving, without any requirements, for you, to give back or that place genuine therapeutic benefits can be experienced beyond your imagination. Very deep and profound relaxation is achieved within your session.

Your premier packages, includes an amazing and therapeutic bathing ritual and we will go into relaxing Tantric breathing practices that will quieten your mind into nothingness. Your full body massage is respectful and naturist and is performed on an extra large professional massage couch, for your comfort.

Your sacred Linggam massage will allow you to explore your body's senses in a new way that gives you a more relaxing experience than normal, when you move through these experiences to a full body kundalini rising. This allows your body to experience deep therapeutic benefits and your mind will be totally empty of thoughts and will become quiet - a wonderful experience for you!

Both male and female clients are welcome !!!

My service is wholly therapeutic with 100% success for clients dealing with any type of emotional or physical stress . . .

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